September 11, 2015 by Rachel Ramsey

Better Phone Habits - Simple Ways to Improve Call Conversions

In this day and age, cell phones with web browsers and countless apps have given us a luxury not known to mankind before - instant gratification. We can see what we want and act on it immediately. New shoes? Bought them just now. Stock updates? Just used my app. Newspaper? Rather read about it online.

So as a contractor, how can we stay relevant in this instantaneous world? The answer is simple. When your phone rings - Just Pick Up!

In a recent poll done by TIME, 32% of all the respondents stated they prefer to communicate via text message. So when they call you, a contractor, for help, that is a big deal. They don’t even call their own mother. They are calling YOU because they are looking for someone to speak to right away. When you don’t answer, they are statically more likely to hang up, not leave a voicemail, and call a competitor next up in their search result. Instead of giving your competitor the opportunity to help that potential new client, it is important to make sure every call is answered by a live person.

Here are some of our suggestions on what you need to do to ensure you don't miss your new customers:

  • If you find that your company is missing calls consider using a live answering service. This way a live person with the answering service will answer the phone and can forward you the customer info right away.

  • If you already have an answering service or have in house CSRs, make sure there are no hold times. People are too busy to wait around!

  • Have an on call tech if you offer 24 hour emergency service and are missing overnight calls.

  • Have a personal voicemail greeting that is inviting and lets the customer know they are in the right place.

  • Don't let your voicemail fill up. If there is no room, they definitely won’t leave a voicemail!  


Here's to many more rings! 

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