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October 25, 2021 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: Appliance Repair LOU

“Since partnering with Service Direct I have grown from a 1-man tech crew to a 3-man tech crew, which is exactly the kind of growth I was looking for.”

For our next customer spotlight, we sat down with Christian Smith, Owner of Appliance Repair LOU, to discuss how Service Direct has helped him grow his business. After trying many other marketing and lead generation services, Chrisitan decided to try Service Direct’s Pay Per Lead Marketplace to try and generate more and better appliance repair leads.

So far, it has been a successful partnership for Appliance Repair LOU that has helped them become an industry leader in their area. From being a one-man tech crew to hiring two additional technicians, the growth Christian Smith has experienced is exactly the right direction that he intends to keep heading. 

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Q: What challenges were you facing from a marketing perspective that you hoped Service Direct could help solve?

A: When we decided to partner with Service Direct, one of our biggest challenges was getting calls from new potential customers on a consistent basis. With other advertising, we would get some leads here and there, but then there would be periods where nothing would come in. That made trying to expand our business difficult because we couldn't find a marketing service we could rely on to drive enough consistent work to keep more technicians busy.

The other issue we were facing was poor lead quality. We were paying for calls not related to the services we offer or sometimes weren't even in the same field of business I’m in, which meant we were wasting money on bad leads that didn’t have the potential to generate revenue.

Q: What was it about Service Direct’s Marketplace offering that made you decide to give it a try? 

The flexibility that their platform and service offers. One of the things that is most important to me as a business owner is having as much control as possible when it comes to spending and marketing. With Service Direct I’m able to change the cost per lead on my campaigns easily and pause my campaigns at any time, which affords me an important level of flexibility with my business. This is especially great when I am fully booked or out of town because I don’t have to pay for calls that I am unable to book.

Service Direct also has a very customer-friendly billing system. I think most business owners will understand what I mean when I say transparency with billing is a top priority, especially when working with a marketing company. Service Direct makes it easy to understand what you’re being billed for and why you are being billed for it, which is a factor I have found both refreshing and unique.

Q: What impact has Service Direct's Pay Per Call Lead Generation Program had on your company’s ability to grow?

A: Since partnering with Service Direct I have grown from a 1-man tech crew to a 3-man tech crew, which is exactly the kind of growth I was looking for. We can now take on more jobs and I can continue to grow my customer base, which is every small-business owner’s dream. When I began working with Service Direct my number one goal was to grow my company and work toward being an industry leader in appliance repair in my area, and I’m confident that they will help me achieve that goal.

Q: How does Service Direct stack up against the other marketing services you are currently using?

A: Prior to partnering with Service Direct I’d used Angie’s List as well as the other big-league marketing companies out there. I’d also worked with Facebook and Google Marketing to try and bring in more appliance repair leads. It’s safe to say that once we started working with Service Direct—the results we have seen with their services blow every else of the water in terms of marketing services. Based on the growth within our business and the increase in call volume and booked leads alone I think it’s easy to see why other companies don’t compare to the high results we’ve seen with Service Direct. 

Q: What has been the best part of working with Service Direct? 

A: It’s really easy to see that the team at Service Direct has taken a lot of time to ensure that their platform and their services go above and beyond the typical industry standards. The customer dashboard is very user-friendly and easy to use; the volume of calls that we get is higher than most, and the customer service representatives are extremely polite. Honestly, coming from a small business owner I have to say that just about everything at Service Direct is the best in the lead generation business.

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