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December 07, 2021 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: ApplianceON

For our latest customer spotlight, we sat down with John Saunders, Owner of ApplianceON to hear about how Service Direct has impacted their business growth. After trying several time-consuming marketing strategies that proved to be ineffective, John signed up with Service Direct in order to receive same-day calls from customers in need of their immediate appliance repair services.

Since partnering with Service Direct, John has not only turned 95% of booked appointments into jobs, he’s also been able to hire new employees to answer service calls and expand his service area. Plus, with Service Direct’s marketing services, John has more time to tend to his real passion—focusing on his customers and providing them with the high-quality services they need. All that to say, it’s been a very successful partnership with ApplianceOn that Service Direct is excited to be a part of.

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When you were considering partnering with Service Direct, what specific business problems/challenges were you facing that you hoped we could help solve?

Our Appliance repair team at needed to generate high-quality leads from customers that needed same-day service for refrigerators, washers, and dryers. We didn’t have the necessary volume of customer calls that we needed to stay competitive and reached out to Service Direct in hopes of rapidly growing our customer base.

What about Service Direct’s offering made you decide to give it a try? What about the Service was most compelling to you?

Service Direct’s ability to provide real-time customers that are in need of our services was very exciting for us. After doing all the marketing in-house which was very time-consuming and ineffective, we were relieved and amazed at what Service Direct had to offer. 

What other types of Marketing Services were you using prior to working with Service Direct?

We tried newspaper ads, flyers, and direct mail but were only getting a few calls per week. Our business was growing very slowly and we needed a company that could provide us with a constant supply of high-quality jobs.

How does Service Direct stack up against the other marketing services you are currently using?

Our experience with Service Direct has been great. We loved that Service Direct didn’t require payment upfront to get started and were pleased at how quickly their amazing support team got our ads up and running the first day! Most importantly, their services put us in contact with real customers needing appliance repair that same day and we haven’t come across any other marketing company that will do the same. 

What has been the best part of working with Service Direct? 

The best part about working with Service Direct is the consistent supply of calls coming in day after day. The very first day we signed up, we already received five calls. Within the first week, we received 18 calls which are more than we got for an entire month before working with Service Direct.

“Service Direct has enabled me to focus on my customers’ needs and not the marketing aspect of my business by generating high-quality leads that turn into booked appointments and great revenue!”

John Saunders, Owner,

What impact has Service Direct had on your company’s ability to grow?

Service Direct enabled us to hire new employees to handle all of the service calls. We even expanded our service area to offer our same-day appliance repair service to neighboring communities that couldn’t find top-quality repair people. Our customers were amazed that we actually came out the same day and were telling us that most appliance repair companies were scheduling them for two weeks out. We wouldn’t have been able to hire new employees or expand our Service Area without Service Direct’s services, and are very pleased with how much our company has grown since signing up.

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