Customer Spotlight: ASV Locksmith
September 15, 2023 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: ASV Locksmith

“Service Direct’s platform gives you way more options to make it work your own way.  Setting your own cost per lead, choosing your service area, and pausing the service all make it a perfect fit for whatever your needs are.”

Our latest customer spotlight features Abel Sandoval, the owner of ASV Locksmith. Despite being a small, two-person operation, ASV Locksmith is able to offer services to a 45-mile radius around Houston, TX. By partnering with Service Direct, ASV was able to increase the leads coming into their business without overextending themselves into a wider service area.

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Q. When you were considering partnering with Service Direct, what specific business problems/challenges were you facing that you hoped we could help solve?

A. My largest challenges were traveling distance and not getting enough jobs to keep us busy. Both of these were like seeing money flying out the door. Long travel times means extra time on the road between jobs – which we aren’t paid for – and lack of incoming jobs is an obvious hit to our revenue. 

Q. How were you generating leads prior to using Service Direct?

A. I’d been using similar lead generation services like Thumbtack before I found Service Direct. I also tried using Google to get some leads from the internet. Managing my company’s profile on Google is easy enough, but there isn’t much you can do besides keep the profile updated. Doing paid ads on Google seems like it might take a big time investment, and not really target exclusively people within my service area.

Q. How has Service Direct helped you solve the challenges you mentioned? 

A. Service Direct sends me leads that are closer to and inside my service area, so our team isn’t stretched thin or spending all of our time just getting from one job to another. They also send me a high enough volume or leads to keep me and my other technician busy with revenue-generating jobs. We get the volume we want, where we want it.

Q. Which features/benefits have you found to be the most useful? Did you find a feature particularly useful that was surprising or unexpected?

A. The flexibility of Service Direct’s platform. It makes it easy to modify our target area where we want to receive leads. It also allows us to set the price per lead, which makes it easy to keep our costs low and even manage the flow of incoming leads. 

Q. How does Service Direct stack up against the other Marketing Services you’ve used or are currently using?

A. Service Direct has more ways to make it work your own way, in terms of price and area. Both cost per lead and service area can be changed at any time. This lets us make changes based on our needs and goals as a company. Other services we have tried didn’t give us that flexibility so it was harder to make the numbers work for us.

Q. What has been the best part of working with Service Direct?

A. Two words: More work! With Service Direct, we’ve been able to fill out our schedule more with paying jobs that keep us busy and keep the revenue coming in. By setting our service area and adjusting our CPL, we’re able to get plenty of good leads in our area.

Best of all, we don’t have to worry about the marketing piece of it. We just answer the phone and try to win their business. 

Q. Why would you recommend our product to other potential companies?

A. Service Direct not only gives you good leads in your area, but they also have good customer service and are a trustworthy company. It’s easy to get refunded for phone calls that aren’t actually gettable leads or outside of your service area. They even automatically review leads and mark some as non-billable without you having to do it yourself.

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