March 23, 2020 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: FenceMaxx

For local home service businesses standing out among local competition is the difference between acquiring new customers or loosing business to the competition.

Service Direct recently sat down with Brandon DiPietrantonio and Scott Scheur, Co-Owners of Austin-based FenceMaxx, to hear more about how they have used our Pay Per Call Advertising service to outperform their competition in central Texas.


Tell us a little bit about FenceMaxx.

Scott: FenceMaxx was established in 2015 in Austin, Texas. We moved here to start our business and we've been replacing residential fences, doing new builds and commercial fencing ever since.

What have you been able to achieve since using Service Direct?

Scott: I would say right off the bat what Service Direct said they were going to do is, you know, we make the phone ring. And they made the phone ring. We got a constant stream of customers that were specifically looking for our service. Which made it really easy to get to the core to help our customer base out and get directly to the customers that needed us.

Brandon: The proof is in the pudding

What is it like to work with Service Direct?

Scott: It's definitely nice having Service Direct where all the calls are coming directly to us, and we can see the phone number that they're coming from so we are aware that they are a Service Direct lead. We don't have to chase them back or chase the customer to call them back. All the calls being recorded makes things really nice and easy for us just in case we do miss a lead and you can go back and recapture it.

How has the partnership with Service Direct helped you reach your goals?

Brandon: There's this a meter which you can pretty much accelerate the amount of calls you're getting from Service Direct and you can also kind of play with them depending on if you're getting overwhelmed with calls or leads or if you need more at certain times of the year you can play with that slider as far as what you'll pay per call. So, for us, it's handy because as a small business, we don't always need 100 leads a week. You know, sometimes that is not beneficial to us. It's just more of an expense than what we need at the moment. And then there's time in the year where we want to play with it a little bit more and get the phone ring a little more, or if we have a promotion going on, we can capitalize with Service Direct on that as well.

Scott: It definitely helps us with our goals where, because of that, we can make the phone ring more if we need it to or even slow it down if we need to. If we're achieving our goals too fast, we need a little bit of room to work, it's nice having that flexibility.

What would you tell someone who's considering working with Service Direct?

Brandon: I've said it from the beginning. It kind of gives you a hall pass to get exposure and kind of specialize it to your needs. And as a startup business, you're not really going to find that in too many places. It's been great.

Thanks again to Brandon DiPietrantonio and Scott Scheur for taking the time to share their story with us. You can find out more about them on their website here.

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