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April 21, 2020 by Rachel Ramsey

Customer Spotlight: Home Solutionz

“We have experienced almost a 20X return on investment with Service Direct's leads. Their service is the only 'direct' way to get quality leads. ”- Joey Sison, Home Solutionz

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Joey Sison of Home Solutionz, located in Tempe, AZ, to learn a little bit about how they have been using Service Direct's Pay Per Call Advertising services to help them grow their flooring business.

Tell us a little bit about HomeSolutionz.

HomeSolutionz is locally owned and operated in Tempe, Arizona. We offer both commercial and residential flooring installation services in Tempe and all over Maricopa County. We do everything from carpet, to hardwood, to vinyl plank and tile flooring. What really sets us apart from other flooring services in the area is our customer service, expertise, and our quality custom flooring services.

Since we both sell and install our flooring products, we are able to offer the highest quality flooring solutions at affordable prices, with the added benefit of being a one stop shop.

When you were considering partnering with Service Direct, what specific challenges were you facing from a marketing perspective?

Before signing up with Service Direct, we were struggling to get quality flooring leads at a price point that made sense for our business. We were spending a lot of marketing budget on generating leads from paid search ads, social media marketing and other lead generation services. We kept running into the hurdles of not getting enough leads consistently, and/or the leads were too expensive, and/or the quality was poor. 

What did Service Direct offer that made you decide to give it a try?

What made Service Direct stand out from other lead generation services out there was the fact that we would have a dedicated account manager who would look after our account and help us find ways to drive more and better leads.

How does Service Direct stack up against the other marketing services you are currently using?

Let’s put it this way, we turn off other marketing channels to save some budget and use it for Service Direct. The leads are good, and they get our phone to ring when we need it.

What has been the best part of working with Service Direct?

By far, the best part about working with Service Direct is the customer support. Our account manager is always available to assist us with any concerns or issues. It’s rare these days to find a lead generation company that has an actual person that we call and speak to regularly, and who is responsible for our account.

What impact has Service Direct had on your company’s ability to grow?

It has been huge for us. We have experienced about a 20X return on investment with Service Direct leads. So far, we have booked more than 200+ appointments from Service Direct's leads, and we’ve been able to turn about 45% of those into actual jobs. They have been integral in our growth.

What would you tell other companies that are trying to decide whether or not a partnership with Service Direct makes sense for them?

Just go with Service Direct. Try the quality of their leads. You won't regret it.

“Service Direct is the only “direct” way to have quality leads."

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