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October 26, 2021 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: Integrity Services

“As a team with multiple technicians, it’s important they are in front of customers earning money, and Service Direct has played a huge part in helping us keep them busy.”

For our latest Customer Spotlight, we sat down with Alex Cardenas, Owner of Integrity Services to discuss the impact that Service Direct has had on his business’s growth by joining Service Direct's Pay Per Lead Marketplace. After a long search for a lead generation company that could deliver real-time appliance repair phone call leads, where customers called their business directly, Integrity Services decided to give Service Direct’s pay per lead program a try. From lacking consistent callers to having a steady flow of booked appointments where 68% of those appointments turn into jobs, the results of partnering with Service Direct is a success Integrity Services has started to rely on as the business continues to grow.

From the leads generated through Service Direct Marketplace, Integrity Services achieved:


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Q: When you were considering partnering with Service Direct, what specific business problems/challenges were you facing that you hoped we could help solve? 

We were looking for a company that could deliver us real-time leads where the customer was calling us directly. We had tried services where we purchased the customers’ information and then had to try and chase down the homeowner and try to book an appointment, but we found it difficult to manage and ultimately wasn’t worth the hassle. So when we found Service Direct, and we realized they would be sending real-time calls directly to us, we knew it was the right fit for our business.

Q: What about Service Direct’s offering made you decide to give it a try? What about the Service was most compelling to you?

For us, it was the live calls. But on top of that, we loved the flexibility that their platform provides. If we need to pause our campaign for a period of time, we can do that. We can even change our cost per lead depending on whether or not we need more or fewer calls to keep our technicians busy. So when we realized we would have that level of control, it made sense for us to sign up!

Q: What other types of Marketing Services were you using prior to working with Service Direct?

We were using Home Advisor and Angi along with doing our own SEO and using a couple of other appliance repair lead generation companies. But once we signed up with Service Direct, we were able to move away from Angi and Home Advisor because Service Direct was keeping us busy.

Q: How does Service Direct stack up against the other marketing services you are currently using?

We have been enjoying using Service Direct, and obviously, the proof is in the pudding. We are happy spending our money buying their leads and are looking for ways to grow our campaign with Service Direct. It’s been a successful program for us and something we are for sure looking to grow!

Q: What has been the best part of working with Service Direct? 

Obviously, the leads are high-quality, but beyond that we love using the mySD dashboard. It’s really simple to use and very intuitive, and the fact that we can listen to calls, track our lead progress, put in revenue...all of those things make managing our account and ensuring it’s working for our business fast and simple. We also love that we can easily dispute calls that aren’t related to our services.

Q: What impact has Service Direct had on your company’s ability to grow?

I would say the biggest impact it has had is that it has allowed us to stay consistently busy. As a team with multiple technicians, it’s important they are in front of customers earning money, and Service Direct has played a huge part in helping us keep them busy.

Q: What would you tell other companies that are trying to decide whether or not a partnership with Service Direct makes sense for them?

I would tell other appliance repair companies that if you have the ability to answer your phone and you need inbound calls from potential customers, Service Direct is the right fit for you. If you are tired of chasing around leads that are shared with multiple competitors and want a service that sends the lead directly to you in real-time, sign up with Service Direct!

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