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October 07, 2021 by Taylor Stafford

The 7 Best Spotify Playlists For Work

Music plays a strong role in every stage of our lives. From lullabies sung to us as children to exhilarating rock concerts that inspired a movement of hair dye and lip piercings that parents just ‘didn’t understand’ it’s no secret that music is powerful. Not only does it connect people from around the world and create a sense of community, it’s also a comforting presence when we’re feeling at our worst. Let’s face it, crying alone in the car after a breakup just wouldn’t be the same without Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” cranked up in the background. 

With all the benefits that come with listening to music, it’s no surprise that it improves our work lives as well. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of employees perform more productively when listening to music. So why not take advantage of all music has to offer and create a playlist that perfectly complements every mood? Whether you’re trying to focus, interact with team members more, get motivated for a big project, or even get into the holiday spirit, we’ve got the playlist for you! 

Create A Company Playlist 

As we transition into a hybrid workspace, most of our workers are still remote. So alongside weekly virtual coffee breaks, meditation/breathwork sessions, and the occasional trivia game night, we like to use music to stay connected with our team. We took a company poll and found that 91% of our team members say they listen to music while they work. Having a company playlist allows anyone to add their favorite work songs at any time, that way employees are constantly getting new and fresh ideas of what to listen to keep them motivated. You could take it a step further and add a Slack channel where you can share music suggestions and learn more about what your team is listening to! With 61% of employees reporting they’re happier and more productive at work while listening to music, why not make a company playlist?

“I pretty much listen to music from the time I'm awake to the time I go to sleep. To me there's just nothing like some acoustic indie with breakfast, some pump up jams to get me through the afternoon slump, and an epic movie soundtrack to really immerse me in whatever book I'm reading. Lately, I've been really into K-pop, specifically the band Stray Kids. Their new album came out a couple of weeks ago and I've been playing it on repeat!

Molly Weybright, Content Strategist

Here is our Service Direct company playlist to get an idea of what we’re listening to: 

Music for Focus

Activities that require deep focus may be different from person to person, but no matter what you’re doing, the music you listen to will impact your ability to focus tremendously. Whether you’re studying, taking down notes, or researching for an article or work presentation, there are certain genres proven to improve focus. For example, studies have shown that music that has a tempo of 60 beats per minute helps the brain absorb information more easily. That’s why classical music and EDM are great genres to listen to not only to sharpen focus, but to reduce stress and improve your memory as well! 

Music For Motivation

People have been using music for motivation for centuries. Whether you’re an athlete getting ready for a race, driving in the car on the way to the office, or getting geared up for a big work project, motivation is essential to do just about anything. But how does music help people feel more motivated? Listening to music releases the hormones dopamine and serotonin, which lead to feelings of happiness, reward, and feeling more energized. All of these symptoms contribute to feeling more motivated. Plus, studies have shown that listening to music can also improve self esteem. The more confident you are in completing a task, the more motivated you’ll feel to get it done! The best music to listen to to get motivated will depend on what task you're doing and your music taste of course, but some of our favorite motivation music consists of upbeat hip hop, pop, or rock genres. Check out this awesome playlist!

Music for Sales Teams / Competition

As mentioned earlier, music can increase self-confidence, energy, sense of reward, happiness, and motivation, which all positively contribute to the hustle of making sales. In fact, 40% of business owners believe that listening to music while working actually increases sales. Sales teams tend to have a friendly competitive environment where motivational music is celebrated and used to not only encourage winning deals but to also keep morale up and continue to nurture a fun, positive environment. Our sales team tends to like music that hypes them up like hip hop, rap, and rock classics. We hope this playlist boosts your motivation as much as it does ours! 

Music for Productivity 

We all know what it’s like to hit that afternoon slump and need an extra boost to get through the day. Though that might seem like the perfect time for a coffee run, music can help you feel more energized and productive when you’re starting to feel tired. In fact, 88% of workers produce more precise work when listening to music. One of the ways music increases productivity is by adding fresh and new sounds to everyday tasks that get repetitive. Music helps ease the boredom which puts us in a better mood to concentrate on tasks. To keep things fresh, try new playlists and listen to them on shuffle so you don’t learn the order of the songs. Some of the best music for productivity are typically songs without lyrics. Nature sounds, epic music like movie soundtracks, or even video game music can be a great way to get back into the groove at work. Enjoy this productivity playlist! 

“Sometimes I listen to music when I'm in deep work mode. I love listening to movie soundtracks. Currently, it's Marvel movie background music, but most of the time John Williams is a good listen too!”

Alycia Cameron, Quality Assurance Manager 

Music for Break Time

Breaks are essential for a productive, successful workday. But breaks are even better with the right music. Listening to music while you move or exercise increases your stamina, elevates your mood, and helps you feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. If you like to spend your break taking your dog for a walk, spending some time in the fresh air, or getting an afternoon workout in, music can help you move as there’s a connection between auditory neurons and motor neurons. If you’re listening to faster-paced music, chances are you’re going to move faster. The music you choose to listen to will depend on what you like to do during your break, but we’ve got a good mix of music to choose from whether you’re relaxing or getting in some exercise! 

Music for Halloween (for the Holidays)

Holiday music is not only great for bringing people together and getting into the holiday spirit, it also reduces stress and can even reduce pain. Studies have shown patients with chronic pain after surgery who listened to music needed less morphine than those who did not listen to music. When your brain focuses on something else, it reduces pain pathways and relieves muscle tension. All that to say, you can’t go wrong with music, even during the spooky season! In addition to having a shared halloween playlist for work, you could have a virtual costume party, or if you’re safely back in the office, spend some time decorating and throwing a costume party. No matter what you do for the holidays, the right music can make it 10 times better. 


There's so much power that comes with believing in ourselves and music can help tremendously with getting us there. If we’re in a mindset of failure, like being afraid to fall when first learning to ride a bike, chances are we’ll fall. Once the fear is conquered, and we believe we can do it, we don’t need training wheels anymore. Plus can't we all agree that simply listening to a motivational classic like, "Don’t Stop Believin” or, “I Will Survive” while trying something new and athletic would have saved us from a lot of cuts and bruises? Except perhaps those of us who are a little clumsier than others. Either way, we hope you enjoy these playlists to help you have a more positive and productive workday. Whatever you do, don’t stop listening! 

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