3 Tips to Align Your Sales And Marketing Teams
May 12, 2020 by Guest Contributor - Plecto

3 Tips To Include Your Marketing Team In Your Sales Performance

In a multi-department company, the marketing team is usually surrounded by uncertainty coming from the rest of the colleagues. A reason for this shared feeling is that, opposite of nearly all other departments, some marketing actions can’t be as accurately tracked as others.

For instance, measuring a client’s engagement or creating value is often more difficult to translate into numbers than the amount of sales or churn rate.

However, there are some easy methods to bring departments together and improve each other’s efficiency. In the end, all teams are working towards the same company goals, so why not make them work together?

Here are 3 easy tips to get them started in this new dynamic:

Sit them together

Temporarily. You can start by calling both Head of Sales and Marketing for a meeting, to introduce them to the routine and explain the purpose of it.

In theory, the Marketing team is responsible for creating content that will attract leads to your website or marketplace. If the content is convincing enough for them, the next step for these leads is to sign up for a trial - if you offer them, which will take them to talk with a salesperson.

Therefore, there are already some common projects for both of them! The good thing is that the more they know about each other’s goals and methods, the better quality they’ll be able to provide to the overall business.

In order to be more aware of the other team, they can start by presenting their main targets for the short-term. For example, the monthly objective for opportunities, the most common pain points for the clients, the country that buys the most, etc. There are so many things to work on together!

If Marketing has more detailed information about what’s on Sales’ plate at the moment, they can adapt their actions to match objectives and solve certain behaviors. Moreover, this allows them to create more tailored information based on the clients’ feedback to your salespeople.

Track the progress

This meeting shouldn’t be a one-time action, because the purpose of it is to increase performance on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s necessary for your teams to keep each other updated on the progress, the feedback, and the new challenges.

For example, it can be a great learning for future marketing actions to know the evolution of the results since they adapted the strategy last time. Did it work? Did it not? In both cases, why?

Not two months are the same in business, so it’s important for them to know what to focus on at the moment. Plus, knowing what worked before can guide your teams in the right direction.

On the other hand, apart from serving as learning, keeping in touch with Sales can save them time if there’s an unexpected decrease in the performance. Otherwise, if this communication across-departments didn’t exist, Marketing probably wouldn’t know about this sudden decrease as fast.

Recognize achievements

As we’ve said before, Marketing departments are usually left apart when it comes to recognizing performance, because it can be tricky to determine whose responsibility was it.

This is also why some of your employees may not even know what marketers are working on, or their contribution to the business’ growth.

However, you can bring the office closer together by involving them in success - also Marketing one. This means briefly explaining what the specific achievement means for the company so that there’s an understanding of the role of marketing.

On top of promoting a transparent culture, by sharing each other’s achievements you are also encouraging your employees to get more involved in the common goals.

Sharing knowledge, taking responsibilities and celebrating achievements… What better benefits could you hope for in your team?

Article by Plecto

Article written by Natalia Tobajas, Content Manager at Plecto.

Plecto is a dashboard software designed to display real-time data imported from its +50 integrations while involving employees in the business’ performance.

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