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June 18, 2020 by Rachel Ramsey

Customer Spotlight: Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air

In our most recent Customer Spotlight, we were able to sit down with Krissy Goff, Marketing Director at Magic Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Air to learn more about her experience using Service Direct's pay per lead services.


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What challenges were you facing from a marketing perspective that you hoped Service Direct could help solve?

As a residential electrical, plumbing and HVACservice provider with multiple locations we were looking for a reliable source for direct leads from customers that were looking for specific services and were ready to buy. Our biggest challenge with this was having a steady flow of these types of leads.  We hoped that Service Direct's lead generation program would help alleviate this issue by providing high quality leads on a consistent basis.

What were the biggest points of frustration you've had with other marketing services?

  1. Finding high quality leads from homeowners that are ready to purchase, not just price shopping.

  2. Getting a consistent volume of lead flow.

  3. The inability to submit review requests of invalid leads.

What was it about Service Direct's solution that was most compelling to you?

We really liked the ability to request reviews of invalid leads that weren't from potential customers that were interested in our services. On top of that, having the ability to change our cost per lead based on our needs at the time is huge for us. It gives us an extra level of control that helps us drive consistent lead volume based on our schedule. Lastly, the ability to pause campaigns when needed. Those are just some of the most important things that made Service Direct's offering enticing to us as a business. 

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What has been the most surprising part of working with Service Direct?

I would have to say the ease of use and the ability to track leads and ROI within the system. The mySD dashboard is really easy to use and gives us a very clear snapshot of how our account is performing over a given period of time. These features save our company time and energy as the system makes it so easy to track the campaigns.

I also think the customer service has been great. They are always quick to respond to any questions or issues that we may have. It's nice to know we have someone there to help us when we need it!

What impact has Service Direct had on your company’s ability to grow?

Utilizing Service Direct's lead generation program has helped our company grow as the leads that are billable are usually high quality leads and we have had an 80% booking rate on all billable leads. Even better, when we get in the home, our close rate on actual work is just as high.  And unlike other lead generation services where we are competing on price with a handful of other contractors, Service Direct's leads result in higher average ticket prices ($816 for us!)

Service Direct's lead generation program has helped our company grow as the leads that are billable are usually high quality leads and we have had an 80% booking rate on all billable leads

What would you tell other companies that are considering partnering with Service Direct?

We have found that Service Direct has high quality leads that we have been able to convert to jobs. The process to submit leads for review is very simple and approval of these reviews is fairly hassle free and you aren’t charged for the lead or your account is credited back for the lead cost. The tracking system for lead conversion and ROI is easy to use and saves us a lot of time. If those things sound like something you have been missing with other marketing services, and you're truly looking to grow your business, I would highly recommend working with them!

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