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September 22, 2023 by Service Direct

How Much Do Service Direct Bathroom Remodeling Leads Cost?

Are you a bathroom remodeling company looking to take your business to the next level? In the competitive world of home improvement, the key to success lies in finding a consistent stream of high-quality leads. 

You might be wondering, "What's the best way to generate leads for my bathroom remodeling business, and how much will it cost?" That's where we come in. 

Service Direct is here to explain the types of leads we offer and shed light on the factors that affect the cost of bathroom remodeling leads. We understand that every dollar counts in your marketing budget, and we're committed to helping you make the most of your investment. 

In this blog, we'll provide insights into how Service Direct can help you secure the leads you need to grow your business, without breaking the bank. 

This blog will help determine if a Service Direct partnership is the path to more leads, more projects, and more success in the world of bathroom remodeling!

Types of Bathroom Remodeling Leads

There are 2 different important types of leads for bathroom remodeling businesses to know about – phone leads and form leads. 

Each lead type has its own advantages and disadvantages for bathroom remodeling companies. It’s up to you to determine which lead type is the best fit for your short and long-term goals. 

Phone Leads for Bathroom Remodeling

Phone leads are a vital component of lead generation for bathroom remodeling companies. In an industry like yours, homeowners often prefer the personal touch and reassurance that a phone conversation provides. 

At Service Direct, we specialize in delivering high-quality phone leads to your bathroom remodeling company. These exclusive leads are potential customers who are actively interested in booking your services.

The beauty of phone leads lies in their opportunity to engage in real-time conversations with potential customers. 

When someone is considering a bathroom remodeling project, they're likely to have questions, concerns, and specific requirements. A phone call allows you to address these issues and build trust

Because of their quality and likelihood of conversion, phone leads tend to be slightly more expensive than other lead types. So long as your sales team is trained to convert every call into a booked appointment and follow up with potential customers, you’ll be successful with phone leads. 

Bathroom Remodeling Form Leads

Form leads are generated when a potential customer submits a form on your website or landing page. These submissions typically include their contact information, service needs, and any other important details. 

These leads offer several advantages for bathroom remodeling businesses. For one, they provide an efficient means of collecting essential customer information affordably.

Forms are also accessible 24/7 on your website, which allows potential clients to inquire about your services at their convenience, even outside of regular business hours. This constant accessibility ensures that you can capture leads at any time. 

An example of a multi-field lead form for bathroom remodeling websites

On the flip side, form leads tend to have lower conversion rates when compared to phone leads. Communication with form leads is typically delayed since it often requires follow-up via email or phone. This delay can result in missed opportunities, especially when competitors respond more promptly. 

For some companies, balancing the use of both phone and form leads in your lead generation strategy can help you leverage the advantages of each. 

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Determining Cost Per Lead for Your Bathroom Remodeling Company

The best way to determine how much you should pay for each bathroom remodeling lead is by looking at your budget, ability to book jobs, and capacity to take on work. This is why every remodeling company will have a different cost per lead. 

At Service Direct, we let you set your CPL. That way, you can set it based on how much you consider a lead to be worth. 

We realize that no two companies will have the same idea of lead value. For example, if company A books 8 of 10 leads but company B only books 3 out of 10, those leads are going to be worth a lot more to company A. 

Giving our partners complete control over their budgets has always been important to us.


Of course, the cost per lead you set will need to be high enough to be competitive in your industry and area. The more competitive your cost per lead, the more leads you will bring in. 

Determining an optimal CPL allows you to allocate your marketing budget efficiently and maximize the ROI. 

Setting your cost per lead too low can lead to an insufficient flow of leads, potentially stalling growth. Striking the right balance with your CPL ensures that you can acquire enough high-quality leads to sustain and expand your operations while maintaining profitability.

How Does Location Affect Bathroom Remodeling Cost Per Lead?

Many factors affect what is considered a competitive cost per lead. These include industry, lead type, budget, and, most importantly, location. 

Where your bathroom remodeling company is based will play a huge role in what you will pay for each lead. 

For example, in the US this year, the average CPL for bathroom remodeling companies working with Service Direct is $122. But when you look closer at a state like Texas, the average CPL is closer to $109. Zooming in even further on a city such as Houston puts the average cost at around $130.

Clearly, location plays a major role in bath remodeling CPL. 

CPL Map Bathroom Remodeling

How Do I find the Average CPL for My Location?

Once you have a clear understanding of the types of leads you can receive from Service Direct and the factors that affect the cost of those leads, reach out to our account specialists. They can pull location-specific data for you to determine the average cost per lead in your area. 

Then, you can combine that with the average lead volume in your area and you’ll be well on your way to growing your bath remodeling business with Service Direct!

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