7 Types of Free Small Business Marketing Resources
April 05, 2023 by Molly Weybright

7 Types of Free Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

It’s no secret that one of the most challenging parts about running a small business is learning how to get your product in front of the right people. This is, of course, the primary goal of marketing. But for small businesses just starting out, the world of marketing can be an intimidating one.

One of the quickest, easiest, and most efficient ways to get started with marketing your company is by utilizing small business marketing tools. Whether it’s diving into an SEO strategy, implementing PPC tactics, or working to connect with customers over email, there are tools out there that can help. 

We know that cost is often a major limiting factor for small businesses just starting out with marketing, which is why we’ve put together a list of the best free marketing tools to get you started. These resources range from in-depth to super simple and will provide you with key insights on how to get your company in front of the right people!


Newsletters are collections of information, insights, and more that people can opt-in to have sent directly to their email. Some newsletters go out daily while others are sent on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 

Marketing newsletters tend to highlight updates and new trends as well as feature tips and tricks for small businesses like yours to make use of. These free pieces of advice can be extremely beneficial to learning how to market your company. 

Please Advise

Please Advise stands by the idea that we already get too many long, boring emails in our inbox and they’re out to change that. 

Please Advise Marketing Newsletter

Each day you will receive a mega-short email with 3 points: an example of well-designed marketing, a helpful marketing tip, and a marketing tool that you should be using. 

TL;DR Newsletter

TL;DR (which stands for too long; didn’t read) is a short and to the point daily newsletter that covers all types of marketing channels from SEO and social media to paid ads and beyond. 

They skimp out on the fluff to bring you actionable small business marketing tips and tricks to get your company in front of the right people. 

Of course, you can always do your own research to find additional newsletters, but we think these are some of the best out there. Don’t forget you can always unsubscribe from newsletters if they’re not working for you, so what is there to lose?

Marketing Blogs

Chances are, if you’ve done any marketing research thus far you’ve stumbled across your fair share of marketing blogs. These are great free marketing resources for small businesses. 

Depending on the depth of knowledge the company running the blog has, you can find almost anything you need in the library of a marketing blog. Social media influencer tips? There’s a blog article for that. PPC landing page help? There’s a blog for that too

When you’re trying to learn new marketing strategies, it can be particularly helpful to have a few quality blogs in your arsenal that you feel comfortable leaning on for help. These are some of our favorites.

Service Direct Blog

We’ve put a ton of time and effort into creating a free marketing resource for small businesses. We cover all types of marketing including PPC, email marketing, SEO, and more!

Of course we’re a bit biased, but we think you’ll find some valuable resources in our blog!

Search Engine Watch

Founded in 1997, Search Engine Watch has been around to provide marketing tools for businesses since the beginning of digital marketing. 

Search Engine Watch Blog

Their resources are expansive—no matter what it is you are looking for, Search Engine Watch will have it. 

There’s a blog post for anything these days, which is why blog research can be overwhelming for some small business marketers. We recommend finding a few blogs that you know and trust to get help from. Then, you only need to deep dive in Google for the few topics those blogs might not cover. 

Social Media Pages

Social media is probably one of the top areas that you are already familiar with for marketing your small business. Hopefully you have an account for your business on all key social media channels and are regularly interacting with potential and current customers. 

But did you know that there are social media pages dedicated to providing small business marketing support for companies like yours?

One of the best sites for these pages is Facebook. This is because Facebook can act like a forum where you can read others’ questions and answers as well as post your own. Moderators help field these questions and ensure that the community stays respectful and relevant. 

Dumb SEO Questions

This Facebook group consists of over 20 thousand members and is dedicated to answering any and all search engine optimization related questions. 

Dumb SEO Questions Facebook Page

As the name suggests, no question is too dumb. This group is a great place to check out if you’re looking to boost your small business’s SEO strategy. 

When you belong to an online community of small business marketers, you’ll find support in more ways than you ever thought possible. Before you know it, you’ll be the one answering other new marketers’ questions on the same page!

YouTube channels

If you’re more of a visual learner or you prefer to listen to someone discuss marketing tactics with visual aids, YouTube is going to be a primary source of information for you. 

As with blogs, these days there is a YouTube channel for anything. By doing a bit of research on the site, you’ll quickly find a ton of YouTubers who provide marketing advice for small businesses. 

Of course, the key is determining which channels you want to follow. Some people produce lighthearted, informal videos while others are strictly professional, almost professorial. Once you watch a few videos you’ll figure out what works best for you.


Posting videos on everything from building your brand to marketing tips for dentists, Marketing360 is a great YouTube channel for people looking to learn about marketing their small business. 

Marketing 360 YouTube Channel

Go ahead and figure out which YouTubers you prefer and hit subscribe—you’ll never look back!

Slack Channels

If you’re running a small business in the post-pandemic world, you’re probably familiar with Slack. Along with Discord and Microsoft Teams, Slack is a primary form of communication in the modern business world. 

But you might not know that there are public Slack channels that you can join. These free marketing tools are a great way to connect with like-minded marketing professionals and learn about what it takes to get your business in front of the right people. 

These communities include channels on SEO advice, content strategy, freelance opportunities, and more!

Online Geniuses

This free Slack community consists of over 35,000 members and marketing experts that are dedicated to helping you learn more about SEO and digital marketing. They host Q&A sessions as well as post about the best tools and resources to make your small business marketing journey easier. 

Online Geniuses Slack Channel

If you are someone who benefits from having a large community of experts to learn from in real time, these Slack channels might be exactly what you are looking for. 

Online Marketing Magazines

If you think the days of magazines are over, think again! While most companies may be getting away from delivering physical copies to customers, many magazines have an online presence that is stronger than ever. 

These can be great resources for ideas and tools to market your small business! Not only will you find your fair share of marketing tips and tricks but you’ll likely find inspiring success stories to motivate you toward your marketing goals.


This online magazine’s articles are geared toward small business owners and are a great source of information on marketing as well as other small business tips and tricks. They also have a newsletter that you can sign up for to get regular updates!

Noobpreneur Marketing Magazine

It’s important to remember that in order to stay afloat, many online magazines do charge small digital subscription fees. However, you should still be able to access a significant portion of their articles for free!

Marketing Podcasts

Do you have a regular commute to and from work? Or maybe you enjoy a daily walk in the evening with your dog. Either way, if you’re looking for a new way to take in small business marketing tips while on the move, podcasts might be perfect for you.

Podcasts are especially great because they tend to be more conversational than a typical marketing resource. Additionally, they can vary in length so you’re able to pick a podcast that fits for your situation, whether you’re spending 20 minutes cleaning or an hour at the gym. 

Plus, with extensive backlogs, you won’t have to wait for new episodes to come out to continue listening. 

Search Engine Journal Show

This podcast from leading marketing site Search Engine Journal includes marketing tips from top industry experts. Most recent episodes include social ads, artificial intelligence and SEO, and audience first SEO with HubSpot. 

Search Engine Journal Show Podcast

If you’re wondering where to listen to podcasts, the good news is that pretty much any music streaming service should host tons of podcasts. For some companies, you can also stream episodes directly from their website. 

in conclusion

When it comes to small business marketing, there are so many great, free resources available to you that it can often feel overwhelming. We hope that the marketing tools listed in this blog are helpful to you, and even if they aren’t, they might help move you in the right direction. 

Keeping up with marketing trends and strategies might seem daunting at first, but with the right marketing tools in your small business’s corner, you’ll be ahead of the curve in no time. 

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