How Much Do Service Direct Electrician Leads Cost?
March 20, 2023 by Service Direct

How Much Do Service Direct Electrician Leads Cost?

As an electrician, you know that new customers are the lifeblood of your business. You need a stream of new quality leads in order to grow, which means lead generation is always a major priority for success. 

Providing quality service can lead to some great word-of-mouth, and a well-managed electrician marketing strategy can help attract new customers to your business, but it may not always be enough. That’s why many small service businesses choose to also work with businesses that specialize in lead generation.

However, in order to make the most out of a partnership with a lead generation company like Service Direct, it helps to understand your role in lead generation, what the process entails, and ensure the solution fits your budget. So let’s take a look at leads, how they’re generated, and what factors determine how much you can expect to pay per lead.

The 2 Types of Electrician Leads Service Direct Offers

There are 2 primary types of leads that Service Direct provides electricians: phone leads and form leads. All Service Direct leads are exclusive leads, meaning you won’t have to compete with other local electricians once a lead comes to you. Having a clear understanding of the differences between these lead types is an important first step to a successful partnership with any lead gen company.

Phone Leads for Electricians

Service Direct connects electricians with potential customers via pay per call phone leads, where live phone calls from potential customers are delivered directly to your business’s phone. 

The great thing about phone leads is that they offer real-time and immediate connection with the customer, allowing for instant engagement and the opportunity to convert leads into customers efficiently. Generally, people who are dialing a phone number are more likely to be highly motivated to buy your service, making these leads more likely to result in paid jobs.

Because of this relatively high conversion rate, phone leads tend to be more expensive than other types like pay per click or form leads. However, they do usually result in a higher ROI. If you’re diligent about answering your phone and feel confident in your ability to convert calls, then phone leads could be an excellent option for you.

Form Leads for Electricians

The second type of lead Service Direct generates for electricians are form leads. These leads are generated when potential customers fill out an online form on your company's website or landing page, expressing their interest in or need for electrical services. 

Form submissions typically include details like name, phone number, email address, and a description of the electrical issue or services needed.


Form leads provide this valuable information about the customer's specific needs and allow for follow-up communication, enabling you to provide tailored solutions and personalized assistance. However, unlike phone leads, once the form lead is delivered, it’s up to you to reach out to the potential customer in a timely manner to offer your services and hopefully close the deal. 


By understanding the key differences between form and phone leads, you can maximize your chances of converting leads into satisfied customers, ultimately driving business growth.

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What Determines Cost Per Lead?

The short answer is, you do! Service Direct’s process enables our electrician clients to set their own cost per lead (CPL) at a level that they’re comfortable with.

The value of a lead is heavily dependent upon your ability to turn that lead into a booked job. If you receive 10 leads from us, but only turn 3 of those into paying jobs, you’re getting less value than someone who could turn those same 10 leads into 7 paying jobs. Since the actual value of our leads is based on your ability to convert, we also leave the cost you’ll pay per lead up to you. How much value do you think you can get out of an incoming lead?

Of course, your competitors and market forces also have a hand in shaping your CPL. You could theoretically set your CPL to the bare minimum for electricians, but chances are your competitors are realizing greater value from the leads they purchase and are going to outbid you, and your lead volume will suffer as a result.  In order to actually win incoming leads, you need to be aware of the going rate in your area and choose a CPL that is both competitive and affordable. Simply put, the higher your CPL, the more leads you’ll get.

By setting an ambitious CPL, you position your electrician business to attain optimal results in lead generation. This approach enables you to outbid other electricians vying for phone leads in your area and secure the desired lead volume. This also makes adjusting your CPL an effective tool for controlling your incoming lead volume – increase your CPL when you need more leads, decrease it when you’ve already got enough business for the time being. 

The good news is that at Service Direct we not only help you set an aggressive initial CPL but we also offer the flexibility to adjust your cost per lead as you progress, ensuring that you see the most success as possible with lead generation. 

Location's Role in Cost Per Lead

Your location and the competitive landscape of your local market plays a major role in determining your CPL. The amount that you will need to pay per lead in order to be competitive is going to vary from location to location. 

For example, the average cost per lead across the country for electricians during the first 3 months of 2023 was around $73. But the need for electricians isn’t even dispersed, and the amount competing electricians are willing to pay for leads can be very different, even within one state. For example, during that same time period, the average CPL for electricians in Los Angeles was just $36, while the average in Sacramento was $70. 

Electrician CPL Map

Obviously, this difference can have a huge impact on your lead generation budget expectations and should be a major consideration when setting your CPL.

What's the Average Cost Per Lead in Your Area?

Now that you understand the types of leads Service Direct offers and have a better understanding of what CPL is and how it works, your next question is probably “What’s the average CPL in my area?”

To get a clear and accurate picture of the going rate for leads in your specific service area, you will need to get in touch with one of our account executives. They will quickly and easily provide you with the information you need to assess budgeting with lead generation. 

Then, you can combine that with the average lead volume in your area and you will have a better idea of what to expect when you buy electrician leads from Service Direct

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