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January 13, 2021 by Service Direct

Introducing Lead Performance Metrics

Lead Performance Metrics has launched in BETA and is now live in the mySD platform.

For the past 15 years, our goal at Service Direct has been to help service businesses grow by offering transparent, easy-to-use, and cost-effective lead generation solutions. Our space has changed a lot over that time, and so have the challenges our clients face. Over the past several years, we have noticed that our clients are seeking a deeper understanding of their marketing efforts. There is a desire to know exactly what is going on with marketing dollars spent, and what actions can be taken to improve the return on those dollars spent.

Today, we take steps towards helping our clients with that challenge with the launch of Lead Performance Metrics! These new metrics can be found at the top of the mySD Lead Manager, and can be accessed in more detail in the filtered Leads table.

The benefits of this new feature are twofold:

  1. Our clients get valuable real-time insights into performance of their Leads and Campaigns, as well as insight into performance beyond the Lead during the call to customer process. The more information that is tracked on each Lead, the more accurate these Lead Performance Metrics become.

  2. Our AdBrain system then uses these insights to optimize our client’s Campaign performance based on what is working. The more accurate the Lead Performance Metrics, the smarter our AdBrain system can optimize Campaigns to target the highest quality leads.

“While we have always focused on driving more and better leads for our clients, we believe we are well-positioned to go beyond demand generation. We want to offer our clients a suite of tools to help them understand how to drive more value with their existing marketing. Today we have rolled out our Lead Performance Metrics, which gives our clients key insights into critical performance indicators that dictate success through our program.”

John Turpin, Chief Technology Officer

At the beginning of 2020, we launched the new mySD Lead Management platform, giving our clients the ability to better manage their Leads from call to customer by tracking important information, including Lead Progress, Booked Appointments, Jobs Won and Job Revenue. 


With Lead Performance Metrics, our clients can leverage that data to unlock key insights, including:

    • Call Answer Rate
    • Booked Appointment Rate
    • Jobs Won Rate
    • Return On Investment


Having helped over 2,000 local service businesses over the years, we have learned that these KPIs are what ultimately drive success with our service and that they can vary wildly between companies. While some are obsessed with improving their performance across these key customer interactions, others aren’t even aware of how well their company is answering the phone, or knowing the likelihood of winning a job once an appointment is booked.

By releasing Lead Performance Metrics, we hope to empower our clients to better understand how they are doing at each of the critical points in the customer journey. Armed with that knowledge, we have found many clients are willing to focus on improving those KPIs, which in turn can lead to a dramatic increase in their ROI, not just with our service but with every marketing channel they invest in.

And while Lead Performance Metrics is an important step in our ability to drive greater value for our clients through better data, it’s just the beginning! We won’t spoil the surprise, but rest assured our product team is focused on several new features that will allow our clients to take their marketing dollar even further!

Learn more about Lead Performance Metrics and/or check out the latest product updates here

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