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August 07, 2019 by Rachel Ramsey

The Benefits Of Advertising Online With Google

You know enough to know that you need to spend some money on advertising for your business. But where do you start? With countless platforms and social networks, businesses pay for digital ads in places that range from Facebook to Yelp and numerous other places in between. And while advertising online with Google may seem like an obvious choice, you may be overwhelmed by the many options available to companies like yours.

If the number of advertising options in our digital age has you flummoxed, you’re not alone. Despite seeming like a clear choice for businesses, plenty of companies neglect to advertise through Google. We think this is one of the greatest mistakes you can make when it comes to marketing your business. Some companies, on the other hand, do advertise with Google but do not do so strategically. Both of these circumstances could be, at least in part, because of the investment required or the over-saturation of advertisers using the Google Ads tools. Others neglect Google Ads because they lack a knowledge about how to effectively use Google Ads.

Standing out among local competition is vital to your business’ success, so it’s important to take a look at the highly measurable benefits and profit potential that come with effective and strategic Google Ads campaigns. Here are some of the reasons we advocate for tactical Google Ads campaigns—and some of the benefits you can expect to see from successful advertising campaigns.

Reach more of your targeted customers.

Sometimes what seems intuitively true is what is true. In the case of search, it’s true that Google is the top search engine. That’s why advertising on Google not only makes sense, but often is the difference between which local companies acquire new business and which do not. It’s where most people go when they’re searching for just about anything, including terms that could be directing them directly to your business. When leveraging the right keywords, advertising through Google can bring you a much heftier chunk of relevant traffic (and, therefore, customers) than you might assume. Capturing this valuable market share can be the difference between growing or stagnating your business.

Increase brand awareness.

There’s something to be said for visibility. While getting your company’s name out there doesn’t always convert in ways that are necessarily very measurable, we do know that increasing brand awareness has a real impact on sales. When you advertise through Google, you will be putting your name at the forefront of relevant search terms. Even if a viewer doesn’t click on your link, simply seeing your business’ name in correlation to a respective search term gives your brand some psychological strength.

Measure your performance.

While just about every professional platform you might advertise with digitally offers performance reports for your ad campaigns, Google does this expertly. With thorough and regularly updated reports, it’s clear that Google is the industry leader when it comes to which search networks are most impactful for online advertising.

Effective campaigns can yield high returns.

Unlike some other forms of online advertising, the benefits of advertising online with Google include demonstrably higher returns. The caveat here is that you need to know how to properly organize your campaigns. Effective keyword targeting is the difference between outranking your competitors—and when you do, you’ll generate more quality and relevant leads.

Advertising with Google is flexible.

Google’s advertising tools are so sophisticated that users receive unparalleled flexibility, which is useful in more ways than one. Users can adjust, pause, stop, and start ads when it’s convenient for them. Budgets can be altered and keywords can be continually sharpened until you find the precise place for your business within the advertising network.

Strategic ads can produce quick results.

Although high-quality evergreen content is imperative for a brand’s online authority, Google advertising works swiftly. It can work much more quickly than standard search engine optimization marketing strategies—and you’ll be able to access campaign data immediately. This helps you refine your approach (and change direction when needed) in real time, resulting in less time spent waiting on results. While an SEO strategy is absolutely necessary, it should complement your Google advertising strategies, not replace it.

Insights are actionable.

One major advantage of advertising with Google is that the insights you’ll receive are ones that are actionable. Conversion tracking and optimization, combined with real-time metrics are game-changing advertising insights on their own. Paired with a solid understanding of your business’ overarching strategy and your end goals, you can use these insights to tailor your campaign to achieve valuable results.

Collectively, the benefits of advertising through Google have the potential to deeply impact your business while casting a bigger net that captures even more of your local market share.

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