What to Expect When Buying HVAC Leads from Service Direct
March 22, 2023 by Molly Weybright

What to Expect When Buying HVAC Leads from Service Direct

Updated on January 11, 2023

Service Direct has been delivering high quality leads to HVAC companies for over 15 years, and we’re always developing new lead generation techniques to drive the right customers to your business and keep your phone ringing with new leads. 

But you don’t have to just take our word for it - the data speaks for itself. We have 2 methods of collecting data:

  • Client Reporting: Service Direct’s HVAC clients can record and track many key metrics regarding their lead generation performance, including call duration, booked appointment won/lost, revenue, and more. We use this data to help optimize our customer experience and results.
  • Internal System Reporting: Service Direct’s team of Quality Assurance specialists listens to recorded calls in order to gather useful insights like caller intent, greeting type, caller language, and more.

All of this collected data allows us to continually improve our service better. It also enables use to give you a glimpse at just what you can expect when you buy HVAC leads with Service Direct. 

How our Pay-Per-Call Platform Works

Service Direct offers pay-per-call lead generation, and understanding how pay-per-call works is an essential first step in a successful partnership with us. In a nutshell, pay-per-call means that we send you live phone calls from people who are actively seeking HVAC services in your area.

You set the price you’re willing to bid for HVAC leads and the service area you cover, and we take care of the rest. You only pay when Service Direct delivers a call that meets the criteria of a “billable lead.”



Service Direct's HVAC leads are generated with a combination of in-house advertising and third-party publishers. About 40% of our leads are generated via advertising on web properties owned and managed entirely by Service Direct. The other 60% comes from partnerships with our network of thoroughly vetted affiliate publishers. This gives us a broader reach and enables us to deliver high-quality leads from all around the web.

How is Service Direct different from other lead generation companies? Here are a few key points that set the Service Direct Marketplace apart:

  • We provide exclusive phone leads, meaning when your bid price wins a call, it’s all yours. No competing with other HVAC companies in your area for the same call.
  • Adjust your service area and cost per lead at any time to increase or decrease your inbound call rate as needed.
  • Our user-friendly mySD dashboard makes it easy to track key metrics and optimize your ROI. 

What Types of HVAC Calls Does Service Direct Marketplace Generate?

At this point you might be thinking “That all sounds great, but what about the actual leads?” So let’s get into what you can expect when buying HVAC leads from Service Direct. 

It’s important to understand that every situation is going to be different. This data is based on average results that our customers have reported and our system has captured, but individual results can be impacted by your service area, business model, and other factors.

See How Many Leads We Have in Your Area
Nearly 94% of the calls our HVAC clients receive are for residential jobs. In addition, about 48% are specifically for air conditioning related jobs, while 18% are specifically about heating. About 10% of callers are calling about their thermostat. 

HVAC - Residential vs Commercial v2

Sound like the type of jobs you’re looking for? Great! So long as you understand your part in successful lead generation, there’s a good chance you’ll see a lot of success with Service Direct’s leads! 

Installs, Repairs, Replacement, or Maintenance Calls

Do you specialize in a particular type of HVAC service? We can also look at the numbers based on the type of service callers are looking for. Our data shows that repair jobs make up the bulk of Service Direct’s HVAC calls, accounting for over 80%. People in need of HVAC installation or replacement each make up about 8% of our leads, while Maintenance jobs represent only 3%. 

HVAC Call Types v2

Simply put, this means you’ll likely mostly get leads for repair jobs from Service Direct, with a few installation or replacement calls sprinkled in. So, if HVAC repair is your bread and butter, we can provide the leads to keep your employees busy and your business thriving.

Typical Results for HVAC Companies


Percentage of calls where the caller has a service need.


Average first call booking rate from calls with a service need.


Average job value based on client reported data.


We work with hundreds of HVAC service providers across the country. From small family-owned contractors to some of the biggest HVAC companies in the US, we provide high-quality calls and great results for our customers. 

When your phone rings, what are the odds that it’s a potential customer on the other end of the line? Between solicitors, callbacks, cancellations, job seekers, and wrong numbers, odds are you’re getting lots of calls that aren’t from new customers.

With Service Direct, about half of the calls that we send to HVAC service providers are from potential customers. That means that when your phone rings, it’s more likely that the caller is someone looking to buy your services. And remember, you only pay for calls that fit the billable leads criteria.

Of the answered billable calls we send to our HVAC clients, about 59% turn into a booked job. And considering that the average ticket price for those won jobs is $1,787, our service can be a significant driver of revenue for your business.

The most impactful thing you can do as a business to improve your close rate is answering the phone. But with an average answer rate of 85% on calls longer than 20 seconds, our HVAC service companies have clearly gotten the message.

Call Insights Free Trial 

This general data about our service should give you a good idea of what to expect when you buy HVAC leads. But the data doesn’t stop there! We also make it easy to see your own specific data to optimize your results.


That’s where our Call Insights service comes in. Our expert Quality Assurance team reviews and analyzes your calls to capture actionable insights. This way you can see exactly where things are working and where they aren’t. 

You’ll see all of this valuable data in your personalized monthly Call Insights Report. Plus, we offer a free trial so you can decide for yourself if it’s right for your HVAC company.

How We Handle Non-Billable Calls

As anyone with a phone can attest, there are a lot of spam callers out there. Unfortunately, this is true of pay per call lead generation services too. That’s why we’re constantly working to reduce the number of spam calls, wrong numbers, and other invalid calls that get through to our customers.

Still, invalid calls do get through from time to time, which is why we recently implemented our Quality Check feature. Leveraging machine learning systems, we automatically identify nearly 50% of spam calls and 40% of wrong number calls with around 80% accuracy. And thanks to the nature of machine learning, we’re getting better at it by the day.

Example Note from Quality Check in mysd Leads Manager Image Source

Our Quality Assurance team reviews your calls to determine if they are billable. We also make it easy for you to request a review up to 7 days after the lead was delivered. Providing the highest quality leads is our highest priority, and we’re constantly working to ensure our clients only pay for new potential customers.

Optimize Leads and Grow Your HVAC Business

One of the standout elements of Service Direct’s approach is that each of our HVAC partners get complete control over their own campaigns. After all, it’s your business, so you should have ultimate say when it comes to your marketing approach.

Here are just a few of the tools and features that enable you to control and personalize your experience and results:

  • Our user-friendly Campaigns Manager is our one-stop shop for keeping you updated on the key information about your campaigns. View details about your individual campaigns and make any necessary changes in just a few simple clicks.
  • The Lead Manager tool gives you an overview of your leads, along with details on each call and recordings of incoming calls. This also is where you can easily submit leads for review.


  • Sometimes you have nothing but time and can take on many new jobs, and other times your schedule is completely booked. We give you full  Lead Volume Control to make it easy to adjust your campaigns to match your current demand with. You can change your cost per lead, pause your campaigns, and set up/adjust ad schedules to manage the rate at which you receive new leads.
  • We give our marketplace clients the ability to Adjust Service Area by adding or removing zip codes at any time. This way you can better target specific parts of your service area and better control where you’re getting calls from.


All this data should give you a clear picture of what to expect when buying HVAC leads from Service Direct. However, the numbers presented here are just averages. The only way to know exactly how you’ll fare with the leads in your particular service area is by signing up!

If you answer your phone every time it rings, know how to turn answered calls into booked appointments, and can adjust your approach on the fly to improve your ROI, you’re set up for a lot of success with Service Direct. 


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