Customer Spotlight: Electrical Insight
September 18, 2023 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: Electrical Insight

“Service Direct has helped us reach more people and grow our business. Without the leads we’ve gotten from Service Direct, we would still be relying on a trickle of lower quality leads from other sources.”

For our newest customer spotlight, we talked with Mari Burnes, the office manager at Electrical Insight, Inc. This small electrical company in California was using Yelp and Google to bring in interested customers, but not seeing the volume or quality of leads they were hoping for. By partnering with Service Direct, Mari was able to increase the quality and quantity of leads coming to the business, helping them expand and reach new customers more quickly.

Using the Service Direct platform, Electrical Insights, Inc. was able to bring in more reliable leads and grow their business. They’ve been able to convert about 95% of Service Direct leads into booked appointments, and turned 40-50% of those appointments into paying jobs for their business.

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Q. When you were considering partnering with Service Direct, what specific business problems/challenges were you facing that you hoped we could help solve?

A. Finding a way to bring in a steady supply of reliable leads was proving a challenge for us. Other options were either difficult and time-consuming to set up and manage, or weren’t providing the lead volume we were hoping for, or both. We wanted good leads, and we wanted a lot of them.

Q. How were you generating leads prior to using Service Direct?

A. Before we found Service Direct, we were relying on passive lead generation sources like Yelp and Google. We had very little control over how many leads we were getting or where the leads were located. 

Q. How has Service Direct helped you solve the challenges you mentioned? How else has Service Direct increased the quantity and/or quality of your leads, improved your ability to grow, or otherwise impacted your company?

A. It has been really helpful. The website is user-friendly and simple to manage. We also really like that we can get a refund for leads that are not legit or appropriate for our business.

Q. Which features/benefits have you found to be the most useful? Did you find a feature particularly useful that was surprising or unexpected?

A. The ability to listen to call recordings on the website has been great. We can use those recordings to improve our call-handling practices, as well as to flag calls as non-billable. We also love being able to track the amount of revenue we get right there on the platform. It helps us see how much value we’re getting from the service. 

Q. How does Service Direct stack up against the other Marketing Services you’ve used or are currently using?

A. Service Direct has been working well enough for us that it is one of the very few we need.

Q. What has been the best part of working with Service Direct?

A. They have a very responsive team of customer service reps who are knowledgeable and helpful. The price of leads is right for our business, and Service Direct’s refund policy on non-billable leads is fair and easy to understand. 

Q. Why would you recommend our product to other potential companies?

A. Service Direct has helped us reach more people and grow our business. Without the leads we’ve gotten from Service Direct, we would still be relying on a trickle of lower-quality leads from other sources.


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