Service Direct Customer Spotlight - Fusion Plumbing and Air
December 12, 2023 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight – Fusion Plumbing and Air

For our most recent customer spotlight, we spoke with Sean Stewart, owner of Fusion Plumbing and Air. Sean was able to provide us with great insights on how Service Direct has helped his small company drive a consistent volume of leads to their phone without breaking the bank. 

Providing heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services to their clients is what the team at Fusion Plumbing and Air does best. That’s why partnering with Service Direct has been a great fit. We drive high-converting calls to their phone and they book the job, providing quality services for people in need. 

Fusion Plumbing and Air saw a 100% ROI with Service Direct and an average ticket price of $875

Q: How were you generating leads before you started using Service Direct?

Before Service Direct we were using a combination of digital and traditional methods of generating leads. Online we primarily used search engines like Google as well as review sites such as Yelp. Offline we relied heavily on word of mouth to bring in new leads to our business.

All of these were helping bring us new leads but not at the volume that we were interested in for the growth we wanted to see in our business. 

Q: Before you started using Service Direct, what were the biggest lead generation challenges that you were hoping we could help you overcome?

Before we partnered with Service Direct, I’d say we had two major challenges that we were hoping to overcome when it came to lead generation. 

The first challenge was consistent lead volume. For a home service business like ours, being able to consistently bring in leads is a crucial element of success. With our existing advertising efforts, we were seeing leads come in but not the volume we wanted and definitely not consistently. 

The second challenge was the cost of the leads being generated. The return on investment we were seeing before partnering with Service Direct was not sustainable. 

As a small business, we can’t afford to spend our entire monthly marketing budget on a few good leads from Google. We needed to find a more cost-effective way to drive consistent leads to our business.

Q: How has Service Direct helped you solve the challenges you mentioned? 

The biggest difference we’ve seen with Service Direct’s lead generation services has been with generating that consistent lead volume we mentioned. It’s by far been the best part about our lead generation partnership.

With Service Direct we can comfortably trust that the lead volume is not only going to be the size we’re looking for but also stay pretty consistent. 

Plus, Service Direct allows us to change our settings to control lead volume by adjusting our cost per lead or pausing our campaigns. That’s been really helpful for times when we want to increase the volume of leads coming in or decrease because we’re all booked up. 

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Q: Which features/benefits have you found to be the most useful with Service Direct’s lead generation? 

Our favorite feature of Service Direct lead generation is our ability to set and change lead cost. Having control over our spending is very important, and this is a great tool for that. 

Plus, we can discuss our campaigns with the team at Service Direct and they can give us helpful information on the average lead volume in our area and other data on a competitive cost per lead range in our industries. 

Q: How does Service Direct stack up against the other Marketing Services you’ve used or are currently using?

Service Direct definitely stacks up well against other marketing services we’ve used. The team at Service Direct knows what kind of leads home service companies like ours are looking for and they deliver. 

They also have a great team of customer support specialists who are responsive and helpful when it comes to making adjustments to our lead generation campaigns and answering any questions. 

Q: What has been the best part of working with Service Direct?

The best part about buying leads from Service Direct is definitely the volume of calls we receive. Our sales team is trained to answer every call and turn as many calls as possible into booked appointments, so we’ve seen a ton of success with the high volume of calls we receive from Service Direct. 

As a small business, it’s critical that we can rely on our lead generation partner to deliver a high volume of calls. That way, we can convert those calls into jobs and maximize our return on investment with Service Direct. 

Q: Why would you recommend our product to other potential companies?

I’d recommend Service Direct’s product because of their pay-per-lead model. It’s a unique model that has a lot of benefits for our business. 

First off, we only have to pay for leads that are from real people actually looking for services we offer. That way, our budget doesn’t go down the drain on spam calls, wrong numbers, or someone looking for a service that we don’t offer. 

We also have complete control over the most important elements of lead generation. We can adjust our service area, change our cost per lead, and add or remove services at any time. That control is critical for our small service business. 


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