Customer Spotlight: Pro Appliance Repair
October 20, 2023 by Service Direct

Customer Spotlight: Pro Appliance Repair

“Service Direct has helped us reach more people and grow our business. Without the leads we’ve gotten from Service Direct, we would still be relying on a trickle of lower quality leads from other sources.”

Our latest customer spotlight features Kaynathon Araujo, the owner and lead technician at Pro Appliance Repair in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. This small appliance repair company was relying on similar lead generation businesses and positive word-of-mouth, supplemented by their own advertising endeavors to bring in new customers. They were looking for a reliable lead source that was easy to set up and manage, which made Service Direct a perfect fit.

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Q. How were you generating leads prior to using Service Direct?

A. Before we got started with Service Direct, we were already using another pay per call service provider, doing a decent amount of traditional and digital advertising on our own, and of course trying to encourage word of mouth to drive more business.

Q. When you were considering partnering with Service Direct, what specific business problems/challenges were you facing that you hoped we could help solve?

A. The main thing we were looking for was consistent quality lead generation. We weren’t getting the volume we needed to grow from the lead generation service we were using and from our SEO efforts on their own. 

Q. How has Service Direct helped you solve the challenges you mentioned? 

A. Service Direct has helped us bring in more leads to pick up some of the slack from our other lead generation sources. They provide a consistent supply of good leads that we can turn into paying jobs for our business.

Q. Which features/benefits have you found to be the most useful? Did you find a feature particularly useful that was surprising or unexpected?

A. It’s great how easy Service Direct makes pausing campaigns. Whenever we’ve filled up our calendar or want to scale back our marketing budget for a period of time, we can just pause our campaign, then start it up again when we’re ready for more leads. 

Q. How does Service Direct stack up against the other Marketing Services you’ve used or are currently using?

A. Service Direct has the easiest, most user-friendly website of any of the lead generation tools we’ve used. 

Q. What has been the best part of working with Service Direct?

A. It was easy to start, easy to pause/unpause and other things like that. Managing our account, the flow of leads, and marking leads as non-billable is all really simple.

Q. Would you recommend our product to other potential companies?

A. I would and I have! It's definitely worth trying for any small service business looking for an easy way to get more leads.


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